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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide you Training For What Comes Next   .

Vitruvian Defensive Solutions is a disabled veteran owned small business, founded as a personal defense and safety consulting company for all ages and experience levels from the general public to law enforcement and military personnel.


Vitruvian Defensive Solutions leverages 20 years of military intelligence and special operations experience combined with 30+ years of martial arts instructor experience to provide unique defensive and safety training programs.

We provide tailored defensive and safety training to prepare individuals to avoid potential conflicts when possible, and to defend themselves when needed.


Our code of ethics are incorporated into everything we do, and are grounded on the principles of Bushido; Gi (Integrity, Rectitude), Rei (Respect, Courtesy), Yu (Heroic Courage, bravery), Meiyo (Honor), Jin (Compassion), Makoto (Honesty and Sincerity), Chugi (Duty and Loyalty) and what is referred to as the 7-5-3 code from Jiu Jitsu.


Click here for more information on the Bushido Code and the 7-5-3 Code.



The name of the Vitruvian Defensive Solutions finds its roots based on the Roman architect, Marcus Vitruvius Pollio commonly known as Vitruvius. He is known for works in architecture as related to the human body proportions. This proportionality was illustrated by Leonardo de Vinci in his work entitled, “The Vitruvian Man”.


At Vitruvian Defensive Solutions, we provide training that focuses on the relationship of proportionality as related to personal defense and safety.

Vitruvian Defensive Solutions was founded to provide professional defensive and safety training to meet the growing need for quality instruction. Vitruvian Defensive Solutions personal defensive and safety courses are based on everyone’s spatial relationship within the environment and their proportional responses to situations. Our logo brings together these ideas of our relationship to our environment and people. For information on our logo, click here.


Our courses are presented through private lessons and compressed group seminar based training programs that are easily understood and immediately applicable. We offer courses covering both physical and non-physical aspects of personal defensive and safety. We also incorporate principles of cognitive enhancement into our courses to develop strategies to assist in handling stressful situations and anxiety found in confrontations and everyday life.


CEO - Founder

Lead Instructor


Eric, aka “Mac”, served in various special operation units and government agencies with a world-wide deployment focus covering missions of both tactical and strategic emphasis, at various levels of responsibility from team leader to solo operator. Mac’s military experience includes areas of intelligence, operator, counterterrorism, firearms, combatives, medical, pandemic and emergency preparedness response, and various instructor courses. 


Mac has over 30 years of experience as a martial arts instructor covering disciplines of Filipino Martial Arts (Modern Arnis and Pekiti Tirsia Kali), Jiu Jitsu, Wu Ying Tao, Aikido, and Modern Army Combatives. Additionally, Mac has trained in systems of Jeet Kune Do, Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, and Muay Thai. Mac also holds multiple National Rifle Association instructor certifications. 

Join a Vitruvian Defensive Solutions defensive and safety course today and start Training for What Comes Next   .    


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