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“The perception of elements in the environment within a volume of time and space, the comprehension of their meaning, and the projection of their status in the near future” (Endsley, 1995, pg 36, Toward a Theory of Situation Awareness in Dynamic Systems).

Situational Awareness is a critical step in decision making. Situational Awareness is our recognition of current events, ability to determine what those events mean, and what are the potential outcomes of those events. Information is needed to achieve Situational Awareness. However, there is a balancing point in the amount of information; too little or too much may cause a lack in capability to make recognize events or determine their outcomes. 

Vitruvian Defensive Solutions provides Situational Awareness training designed to be applied in daily life for personal defense and safety. This is an academic and non-physical course taught in a classroom setting.


Our Situational Awareness course is provided through both private lessons and group seminars. This training is focused on a variety of topics and includes: developing mental alertness in various environments, recognition of danger or threat areas, criminal mindset, informational security (INFOSEC), cyber security fundamentals, recognition of warning signs, travel/route planning, and use-of-force decisions in critical situations.


We provide training for operating as an individual or as part of a team in multiple operating environments. This course is also customizable to our clients specific operating environment or concerns.

Contact us to book a Situational Awareness class, and start Training for What Comes Next   .


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