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Vitruvian Defensive Solutions provides custom-tailored firearms training programs based on the needs of our clients.

We also offer certified NRA courses for individuals that desire certified NRA training. For more information on our NRA firearms courses click here. For more information on NRA certification programs, visit the NRA website.

Vitruvian Defensive Solutions specialize in providing custom-tailored firearms instruction based on the needs our clients. Our firearms programs include, and not limited to: laser simulation marksmanship, shooting dynamics, situational awareness in various environments, threat determination, legalities of using deadly force, patterns of violent behavior and assault, avoiding conflict and de-escalation, mental preparedness, recognition of communication queues, cognitive enhancement strategies, developing reactionary time, using firearms from different positions, defensive pistol and shooting dynamics, Close-Quarter-Marksmanship (CQM), Close-Quarter-Combat (CQC), Close-Quarter-Battle (CQB), long range precision shooting, actions after conflict, and providing emergency medical first aid.


Vitruvian Defensive Solutions also provides our Home and Firearm Safety Introduction course to new firearm owners to assist in providing the knowledge on their new purchase. The information provided is an introduction on the basic knowledge and skills to safely handle or store firearms and ammunition in the home. We also provide a curtesy walk through of your location to cover topics of consideration on in-home defense. 

Book a firearms session today, and start Training for What Comes Next   .


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