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Vitruvian Defensive Solutions is an affiliated trainer with Survival Edge Tactical Systems which developed the Triangle Combatives (TRICOM) program. Vitruvian Defensive Solutions is an authorized trainer of the TRICOM programs and provides the TRICOM series through in-person training venues to the general public, Law Enforcement, and Military communities.

Survival Edge Tactical Systems Founded in 2006 by then full-time Police Officer Jared Wihongi in response to requests for his training services by a local Army Special Forces unit. Since then, and with the help of business partner Geoff Perrin, the company has grown to encompass multiple facets of tactical training, consulting, and professional services.



TRICOM is a brand under Survival Edge Tactical Systems that specializes in custom combatives programs catering to the unique mission or needs of each individual organization trained. TRICOM formed a strategic alliance with The Pekiti Tirsia Tactical Association for further execution of training programs. Each TRICOM course taught can be presented as either an Individual level course or as a Train-the-Trainer program. Some of the kinds of organizations that utilized the TRICOM program includes:

  • Police Academies

  • Law Enforcement Agencies

  • SWAT Officers and other Tactical Teams

  • Military Special Operations

  • Military Police

  • Covert Operations

  • Counter-Espionage Units

  • Private Security Forces

  • Personal Security Details


Some of TRICOM’s most common recurring combative programs include: 

  • Sole Operator Survival (S.O.S)

  • Edged Weapon Countermeasure

  • Tactical Team Combatives

  • Weapon  Retention, Protection, and Disarming

  • Arrest and Control Dynamics

  • Ground S.E.R.E. (Survival – Evasion – Resistance – Escape)

  • Close-Quarter Knife Combatives

  • Expandable Baton Basic and Advanced Courses

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